General shipping terms

Goods are normally dispatched after 1-3 working days. If we are unable to send out your order for any reason we will contact you by email or telephone as soon as possible.

Please note Office hours are: 8:00-17:00 (GMT+2), Sun. - Thu.

We offer two types of shipping:

  • International shipping, which is the classic way using the International Post. It is cheaper, but slower e.g up to 21 business days.

  • Express Shipping, which is a faster way allowing delivering up to 7 days but more expensive.

For Apco's authorized dealers only:

If you have a pending order, it is possible to combine your line order with your next shipment in order to save additional shipping fees. 

To have this option you must be logged in and registered as a dealer.

Please Note: payment for the lines ordered must be completed on this web site. It can not be paid as part of your pending order to which the lines will be added into.